Else Skogan

Jazz Singer


A passion to connect with people through music drives Else to push the boundaries of jazz. Else meticulously refines her talents to keep her a step above the rest.

"Else is a gifted young Norwegian vocalist - certainly a musician to watch for the future. Her relationship with pitch, intonation and timbre are well defined and her performance capabilities are growing. Currently a student at Leeds College of Music, she continues to carve out her individual path in music."

- Lauren Kinsella

"Else is a singer of exceptional talent. With her beautiful, soft tone and virtuosic improvisation she is destined for great things."
- Kari Bleivik

Else grew up in Trondheim, Norway, where she was classically trained for over a decade. This led her to perform on a Grammy nominated album with TrondheimSolistene. In more recent years, Else has explored the world of jazz and ever since, she has excelled at delivering performances of the highest standard. The dedication for her craft shines in her mellow and soothing tone, which has paved the way for her education at Leeds College of Music, where she achieved a 1st class degree.

"Else has a beautiful voice - it will stop you in your tracks."
- Jamil Sheriff

Improvisation is Else's strong point as she is able to create unique and exciting phrases. Due to her Norwegian roots, Else mixes traditional jazz with the Nordic style.

Her classical training combined with her jazz influences allow her unique tone to emerge. The intimate sound of her voice caresses the soul and this has been recognized by world renowned artists.